Oderio Roma has started the construction of the "Parco Giardino Maria Sofia" in the 1972; in the arc of the years he has successfully realized this magnificent and wonderful museum of the nature near the Great Forest of the Mesola.

The idea to make a park garden is gushed from the owner Oderio Roma: ”I remember that, long time ago, I played soccer in the Adriese team and when we often went in transfer in the high veneto, a particular day I had noticed a wonderful trees that I had never seen before, majestic cedars of the Lebanese of deodorizes, Atlantic glauca, bringing in me the possibility to possess them, to see them grow in my garden, in order to give its a particular shape. These are the initiatives that should be made in the park of the delta".

Currently the "Parco Giardino Maria Sofia" has a great affluence of people. Dedicating hours and hours to this job, the hard work expressed in the arc of the day is compensated at the sunset where you can admire the wonderful garden with a relaxing walk.

Mr. Roma, when stops to admire its naturalistic masterpiece, has a satisfaction view, that gives pride of possess it.

We believe and we want that, many of us love the nature as Oderio.

If you have in your plan to come here for visit the Parco Giardino Maria Sofia, Mr. Roma will be happy to teach you his love for the nature and for the park.